Housed across three floors of Palazzo Galli Tassi, our studio apartments and working spaces are flooded in natural light. The mix of private and co-working spaces means that each resident benefits from the atmosphere of concentration, as well as a natural and informal way to meet like-minded people and exchange ideas.

How can Numeroventi support you?

Numeroventi is a creative studio ready to facilitate your artistic process. We offer a workshop or exhibition space, chances to meet the artistic communities of Florence, development of your personal branding, professional photoshoots of your work, coaching and mentoring or sourcing materials for your production and presentation in Florence. We are always keen to share what we do, and to expand our skill base.

Why Florence?

Though our interiors reflect an interest in international, modern, and contemporary design, Palazzo Galli Tassi dates back to 1510. The contrast between the history of the building and its vibrant new occupancy is reflected in Florence itself; a city that is a living testament to the astonishing achievements of the Renaissance while also striving to be young, creative, and forward-looking.