Kreshnik Aliaj

Numeroventi design residency hosted its fourth artist in residence, a designer and sculptor.

We’ve first heard about Kreshnik’s works from a common friend: intrigued, we have searched on the internet to take a look at his sculptures and paintings and we were instantly caught by his unique style. Niku is a humble and easy going young man, it took nothing and after some glasses of wine in his studio we had already planned his residency, the finissage and the making of the video.

Every part of the project has been completed in a relaxed and friendly mood: his materials, tools, the model have naturally become part of Numeroventi. After three days of work – actually mostly nights – Kreshnik has created the beautiful Lady we are having the privilege to “host”.

Kreshnik has met the Renaissance’s artists in the palaces and squares of Florence, feeling them as his teachers, colleagues, rivals, friends, as if they were alive, companions in the same aspiration to transform life in sculpture and sculpture in life.
Born in Vlora, Albania, Niku has been drawing since his childhood and made his first sculpture at age 14 while attending the Art High School “Leon Battista Alberti”; sure since then of his future profession, in 2006 he joined the Academy of Fine Arts, where in the first year he began to grapple with monumental sculpture.
From the second year he has worked independently in the Academy courtyard, creating more life-size and also bigger statues.
He’s been painting and drawing continuously until 2016, when he has started sculpting again working with clay on smaller pieces.

As an artist his thought is still turned to marble and monumental sculpture.

sculpure numeroventi Firenze