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``Erase yourself from your life and go seek the unknown. It’s scary, uncertain but definitely worth it. No one will applaude, this is just a gift to yourself...``


Numeroventi: What is it that fascinate you the most about Korean culture?

Yoon-Young Hur: Historical Korean architecture, art and craft fascinate me because it is part of my identity that is both familiar and unfamiliar. I was born in Seoul, Korea but had spent most of my life in North America. Korea with its complex history of wars, economic hardships and triumphs and influences of the western culture, the definition of heritage is always put to question. In the recent years, I’ve taken the time and given conscious effort to study Korean traditional ceramics and develop my own readings of the past through making.

N: How did you decide to dedicate your career to ceramics?

Y.Y: It was not easy to let go of my previous career which was being a full-time architect for nearly 7 years in New York City. I still love Architecture and it influences my way of working and thinking but it became clear that I am a much happier and more creative person when I work directly with materials and express ideas with my own hands. For me, architecture, art and craft are closely interconnected so though I’m focused on ceramics as my main medium currently, I constantly imagine different materials and scales for potential future projects; the possibilities are infinite!