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Natalia Criado

``Being at Numeroventi was like taking some vitamins or powers to create``
Natalia Criado

Numeroventi: How did you discover Numeroventi?
How did living in Numeroventi influence your work and your creative boost?

Natalia: This experience changed my sensibility and vision of art. I feel like ‘I took some vitamins or powers to create’. Now I want to create more and more, I feel so happy for what is coming next and it gives me several important things to change into my work and personal life. I am going to reveal a few of my personal “Numeroventi commandments”:

– Listen and share your vision of art / design.

– Numeroventi is a place where not only creative or artistic things happen. It is a place where you can learn to listen to others, see different points of view, talk about life, see things from another perspective.

– Breath and feel

– Be sensible

– Teamwork: respect others and work as a team, always.

– Be organized: if you are living in a community, try to bring out the most organized version of yourself: make the bed perfectly, leave the kitchen impeccable etc. It sounds very strict but I will apply it to my life because it makes you ‘feeling light’. This helps to clearer ideas, and also to get inspiration.

– Try to wake up early in order to get advantage of the day and to be proactive, especially since people are coming to visit the space in the morning and you’ll always want to be a good host and show them what you are working on.

– Focus on one thing at the time

After my residency in Numeroventi I noticed a change in the aesthetics of my work, a cleaner job, a cure of the most appropriate detail, a serenity to make decisions when starting a new creative work.

Networking: During these months several collaborations were born, new projects, sales opportunities of my products; it was a window where many possibilities in the creative world were opened.

Natalia Criado

What is your background and which are your recent projects?

N: I am an Industrial Designer with a background in jewelry and accessories. I am now working with materials such as metals, silver and copper and developing the collection ‘Joyas en Casa’, which brings jewels to the table. This collection includes metal objects, glass and stones developed by artisans from Colombia and Florence.

What is your artistic vision?

N: I am a designer with an artistic eye, I like the balance within aesthetics, colours and composition.

What is the life of an artist in Florence like? How does the city influence you and your work?

N: Florence has always inspired me to create, it is a small city that allows you to be close to people and network with people involved in arts and crafts. It is full of jewellers and craftsmanship and you can breathe art and culture here. It is wonderful and inspiring when you walk through the small streets and find these doors with hidden places, the sunshine on the river; it is like a jewel. It makes you feel special.
To me Florence is a city where you can work on ideas, get inspired, and create new projects.

Can you tell us about your future projects?

N: I am going back to Colombia to organize some exhibitions, then I have to start working on my new jewelry collection. I also need to produce the new collection of Numeroventi Home; an idea that was created during my residency.

Photos: Marina Denisova

Natalia Criado
Natalia Criado
Natalia Criado
Natalia Criado
Natalia Criado
Natalia Criado