Residency program

The residency packages:


If you have trouble turning off your creative mind while on holiday, this is a perfect vacation substitute. The Escape package allows you to combine working sessions with a discovery of Florence and its marvellous surroundings. You bring the ideas; our venue and its environment will do the rest.


If you are an artist/designer you might know the importance representing your work. This package offers context to your practice and useful takeaways such as a full selection of high quality images, as well as a coaching session with one of our advisors.


We had a hard time naming this package. This program is specifically designed for creative professionals and artists who feel the need to step away from their daily routine and develop something more meaningful for their portfolio, career, and life. This experience includes support during every step of your process, going from concept definition to a final exhibition of your work in our historical palace.

Next application round for summer 2019 opens in January.

Detailed information

– Accommodation

– Studio Space

– Photography Session

– Open Studio

– Advisor Assignment

– 1 hour Introductory Session

– Exhibition



We have 4 loft apartments, 2 kitchens, 1 co-working space, and studios that are all available for residents to use. They are assigned based on availability, but if you have a specific preference, you can make a request and we’ll do our best to save your favourite spot for you.

Studio space

Your studio working space can be chosen according to your needs. Sometimes the space in your loft apartment is enough, and sometimes we will find a space that reflects your project. We’ll work it out together!

Photography Session

If you select the ‘Branding’ or ‘Career’ package in our program, you will have photography materials produced for you as a part of your stay. We will agree on a date for the shooting when you arrive at Numeroventi. The basic pack includes: 1 portrait of the artist, 1 image of the studio working environment, and 1 portrait of the artwork itself. The styling and creative direction of these images are developed between you and our creative team based on all of your specific needs, such as website, promotion, or other ideas that emerge in the moment! We will use this material on our digital supports, for promotion, in magazine editorials, and for other marketing purposes.

Open Studio

This event is only included in our ‘Career’ package at Numeroventi. It allows our local and international audience to discover you as an artist and your work. Sometimes an Open Studio can be a complement to other events happening in the same day, and other times it can form a part of the creative process, such as giving deadline and adding focus to the presentation of your results. The Open Studio is also supported by the art direction of our team.

Advisor Assignment

Based on your practice and needs, we will assign someone from our advisory team to support you during your stay. Over the years, Numeroventi has brought together many talented international and local creative partners, working with inspiring businesses and services to assist our residents. You will meet with your advisor for coffee–or prosecco, if you prefer–so that you both can exchange ideas and thoughts. This is a simple way to bring you closer into the creative network of Florence.

1 Hour Introductory Session

Before your stay, you’ll have a meeting via Skype with our creative director that focuses on identifying your goals for the residency. Together you’ll discuss projects, assignments, and every detail about your stay with Numeroventi. This is the perfect opportunity to ask any questions or express any doubts that you might have before your arrival.


We see exhibitions at Numeroventi as conversations with the space, with the palace, and with the city of Florence as a whole.


We rarely exhibit pieces that were produced outside of our residency program; however, if you feel confident that your already existing pieces would be a good fit, feel free to present your ideas to us. This can be integrated with what you produce during your residency, and curated for the final exhibition. Exhibitions must be applied for, as they are approved based on availability and alignment with the Numeroventi vision. Each exhibition has unique characteristics and costs, based on the requirements.

We know it’s impossible to stay in Florence and not share the experience with people you love, so let us know in advance if you’d like to have visitors come to stay. We’ll give you approval and arrange any bedding or extra items you may need so that everyone is comfortable.

We also welcome duo-artists