Fundacio Serralves

In July I had the opportunity to visit Porto.
I didn't know what to expect from the artistic point of view because I usually prefer contemporary art.
I visited the Serralves Museum for the first time together with my girlfriend and after a two-hour visit at the Foundation's contemporary art museum, with its impressive architecture, we took a quick walk in the park.

My first feeling was that of an organic and complex organisation yet to be discovered.
I went back there by myself two days later, spending more than five hours walking in the park and visiting the Villa built between 1925 and 1944.
The emotions I felt that day are still clear.
Art, education and nature in a perfect harmony.

The successful collaboration between a private institute and the Portuguese Government, with the aim of “stimulating interest and awareness amongst audiences of different backgrounds and ages in relation to Contemporary Art, architecture and the landscape (..)”.


“Independence, Institutional excellence, cooperation with the Portuguese State in order to achieve the objectives of cultural educational and environmental policies, highlight the role of the Founders as sponsors, patrons and partners, autonomy of programming, rigour and efficiency in management of resources.”


“Serralves Park spans 18 hectares and is constituted by a wide variety of magnificent, harmoniously interconnected spaces: formal gardens, woodlands, and a traditional farm. Designed by the architect Jacques Greber in the 1930s, it constitutes a singular reference within Portugal’s landscape heritage.(..)”

Text & Photos: Martino di Napoli Rampolla